What type of paper should you print a CV on?

What type of paper should I print a cv on? | CV paper typeJust like in an interview, it’s all about first impressions and you need to make the right one!  You can do this by sending in a well-written professional CV printed on the right paper but what type of paper should you print a CV on?

Firstly, never use cheap and cheerful copy paper to print a CV, it’s poor quality and does not give a good impression.  You would naturally be of smart appearance when attending an interview and your CV must also follow suit to meet the required standard.

I would recommend you print a CV on high quality watermarked paper, something along the lines of Conqueror High White or Cream Laid with a weight of 100g or above.

Your CV should be two pages in length and we would suggest you use two separate pages neatly stapled in the top left-hand corner.

When using watermarked paper, please ensure the watermark is right way up.  It is a small but very important attention to detail.

Posting a CV

If you are going to post your CV to an organisation, invest in some white A4 window envelopes because a CV should never be folded.  Don’t buy brown envelopes and ensure the white envelopes are of reasonable quality.

Before you pop the CV in the post, check you have applied the correct postage.  Royal Mail now charges slightly more for larger envelopes and you need to ensure the company receives your application.  How devastating would it be for it not to arrive,  and how embarrassing if they had to make up the postage shortfall costs!

A final note

Now you know what type of paper to print a CV on, don’t cut corners.  Buy the very best paper you can afford.  Make a good first impression by sending in a superb CV printed of high quality, crisp white paper.