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Hopefully by now you are aware that Linkedin has introduced an endorsement system to complement the recommendations feature.  If not, you should do! Linkedin endorsements and Linkedin recommendations are a great addition to your Linkedin profile.

Linkedin endorsements are not the same as the recommendations. A recommendation is a far more in-depth account of a person’s history and the results they have achieved. Endorsements are basically a simple click to confirm you can endorse the skill, it is a lot less involved than the recommendations system, plus, you don’t have to approve the Linkedin endorsement.

How to Increase your LinkedIn Endorsements

1) List your Key Skills

In order to be endorsed for skills, you must ensure you have physical skills on your LinkedIn profile waiting to be endorsed. Remember to list the most pertinent skills first to encourage more endorsements of those particular skills. The more a certain skill is endorsed; I am led to understand that the particular skill will naturally rise in order of importance on your list. So, you need to make sure your core skills list first.

2) Endorse Other People

Whilst it might strike as a bit of a mutual ‘back scratching’ exercise, you can’t really expect others to endorse you if you are not reciprocating or taking the lead in endorsing them.  It is considered wise to endorse others so next time you log on to LinkedIn or click a first-line connection’s profile and a list of endorsable skills will appear.  Look at them closely, if you can endorse any of them, click endorse.  If not, hit skip or the ‘x’ to remove that skill from being endorsed by you.

Alternatively, you can physically scroll down to the connection’s skills section and click on the skill you wish to endorse. You should be able to see a number on the left, next to the skill.  This figure goes up every time someone clicks to endorse it.

Every Linkedin endorsement also shows up in their news feed, which can be a boost to get them to endorse you in return.

3) Say a Little Thank You

LinkedIn is currently set up to send you an email every time you receive a Linkedin endorsement and it is generally considered good etiquette to say thank you for any Linkedin endorsements received.  If you take the time to say thank you, that person may just endorse another skill of yours next time they log on.

Linkedin endorsements will never replace recommendations because they just don’t carry the same weight. However, if used correctly, the Linkedin endorsement system can be a welcome way to boost your authority and reinforce your expertise on the Linkedin platform.  The Linkedin endorsement system is equivalent to the Facebook like system and because it is so easy to do.  It is important that it is not cheapened so give your endorsements wisely based on real experience of a person’s skills.

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