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Setting up an Email Signature

Let me guess, the email signature on your work PC has a very corporate and professional feel to it to give the right impression but what about your personal email signature? Most job seekers apply for jobs from their home PC because they don’t want their current employer to know they’re considering applying for other jobs.

However, the vast majority of job seekers make a number of fundamental errors when using their own email accounts so let me point out a few of the main ones.

Creating and Email Address

Consider creating an email address purely for your job hunting purposes, that way, all your emails will be in the one place.  Plus, if you are applying for positions all over the internet, your email address could become exposed to spam, so you really want to avoid all that ending up in your normal account.

Naming your Email Address

Make sure your email address sounds professional, something simple like ‘’ is brilliant but I know they are often hard to get hold of if you like to use providers such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo.  Try different connotations of your name or maybe try to secure an account with Mr, Miss, Mrs at the front, such as or put a ‘dot’ in between

You will be surprised just how many CVs we get from inappropriate and daft sounding email addresses, for example

Email User Name Settings

This is another fundamentally important aspect of your email set up.  Too many email usernames are wrong, does yours make the same mistake?

Check your email account settings now.  What does it say in the ‘User Name’ box? If it has your full email address or just your ‘first name’, then change it now whilst you think about it.

It should read ‘first name, surname’. Why, I hear you ask? Well, it not only looks far more professional but essentially you have to be able to be easily found by a recruiter or a potential employer.  You can be assured that your email will be one of hundreds sitting in their inbox so, to ensure you can be searched for and found, you need to ensure your full name is your user name.

Email Signature Settings

Just like at work, you need to ensure you have a formal and professional email signature set up for the email account you will be using to apply for jobs.

It is all about creating the right impression and an email signed off ‘thanks, Joe’ just doesn’t have the same appeal as one that looks like this:


Kind regards, Joe Blogs

Tel: 00000 000 000


Linkedin: www.linkedin/in/mrjoeblogs




Or, you can use hyperlinks to make the signature look even smarter


Kind regards, Joe Bloggs

Telephone: 00000 000 000


Linkedin | Blog | Website | Twitter |


Email and Telephone Number

By including your email and telephone number, the reader can instantly see that you are a serious professional eager to be contacted. Many recruiters will want to contact you there and then so don’t make it hard for them to contact you. With hundreds of applicants applying for many jobs, make sure you are the one they can easily contact without having to look too hard.

Linkedin Profile

I would also suggest you make sure your Linkedin profile is up to scratch before you even start to apply for jobs.  Once it is looking good, include a direct link to your profile in your signature.  However, it is absolutely essential that you secure yourself a vanity URL for Linkedin and don’t use their standard long string of numbers URL.  Just Google ‘Linkedin Vanity URL’ and lots of guidance notes will appear for you to follow.

Website and/or Blog

If you have a website or a blog that could aid your application, include a direct link to it in the email signature.  If the site is poor, contains anything remotely risqué or is out-of-date, either smarten it up or leave it off.  Nothing looks worse than a scruffy, ill-thought-out website or blog.


If you have an industry-related or sensible Twitter account, you may wish to include it so the employer gets a feel for your personal brand, can understand your thoughts and maybe even follow you.

How to change Email signature settings in Outlook and Gmail

There are so many different email providers, it would be impossible to include instructions for all of them so we have picked out two of the most popular ones.  If you consult Google, you will be sure to find the setting instructions for your provider online.

Changing Outlook Signature Settings

  • Open Outlook
  • Tools
  • Options
  • Mail Format
  • Signatures
  • New or Edit
  • Enter details
  • Highlight text to be linked
  • Click on the hyperlink button (looks like a chain link)
  • Enter the www address for each link separately
  • Save

Changing Gmail Signature Settings

  • Log in to Gmail
  • Gear Icon
  • Settings
  • General
  • Scroll down to Signatures
  • Enter details
  • Highlight text to be linked
  • Click on the hyperlink button (looks like a chain link)
  • Enter the www address for each link separately
  • Save

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