Keep personal CV details safe from fraudKeep your CV and personal details secure online

If you decide to upload your CV to job sites, think carefully about the security of your information, about what details your online CV contains and who might be able to get hold of this information.

Online fraud is growing at record levels and what you innocently place online for an employer to read, might just fall in to the mucky hands of a fraudster.  With that in mind, we would always recommend you create an ‘online version’ of your CV.

There will always be some different opinions between what you should put in and what you should leave out but here are some CV security ideas we hope you will find helpful.

 Some Helpful CV Security Ideas

  • Remove your full address – it should suffice to put something like ‘based in the London area but prepared to travel’
  • Do not include your date of birth, nationality or any other overly personal information (it shouldn’t be on a CV anyway)
  • Remove all membership numbers.  Simply state ‘details can be provided on request’
  • Consider getting a cheap PAYG mobile purely for job hunting.  Do you really want the online world to know your real number and end up bombarded with ‘have you had an accident’ or ‘PPI reclaim’ messages?
  • Consider setting up an email address purely for use when job hunting.  Again, with your email address in the public domain, you will likely receive much spam
  • In relation to employers, it is up to you if you decide to remove their company name but a good alternative is to state ‘local retailer’ or ‘high-street pharmacy’, etc
  • Be aware of fraudulent recruitment websites just out to get your details for their own use or to sell on

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list but we hope some of the things we have mentioned will help you to try to make your details more secure online.

Remember, your details are precious!