how to write and what to put in a pay rise request or promotion request letterPay Rise or Promotion Request Letter

You may be perfectly happy in your current job but we bet what you would really like is a pay rise or a promotion.  It’s only natural, most of us do and we can help by writing you a pitch-perfect letter for just £20.

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When to Write a Pay Rise or Promotion Request Letter

Taking that first step and approaching your employer is always going to be a daunting one but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet, there is no harm in asking, providing you have been there a suitable length of time and have proven yourself to them.  Although your employer might not want to part with more money or a promotion, there is no shame is asking the question if you have proven yourself to be loyal, reliable, efficient and productive as an employee.

Sometimes, an employer may actually be considering advertising for a new employee to fulfil a more senior role.  By positively demonstrating your ambition and fitness for the more senior job, you would actually be saving them money on advertising and saving them time  interviewing candidates because the ideal candidate is right on their doorstep!

It is always worth considering sending in a pay rise or promotion request letter before you start interviewing elsewhere, secure a new job and just turn up one day with your resignation letter.  Unless you categorically cannot stand working where you do, most people feel more comfortable staying within the comfort zone of their existing workplaces. Most employers relish the thought of not having to waste valuable resources on recruitment and training and then ending up with an unsuitable new employee.

Many companies conduct annual reviews and appraisals and this can often be an opportune time to raise the issue of pay rises and promotions, providing the company is not currently experiencing financial difficulties.  Most thriving companies are willing to consider your request and embrace the opportunity of reviewing your remuneration to retain your invaluable services.  However, timing can be crucial and generally, it is recommended that you make your request when you are being seen in a positive light – ie you’ve just secured a major new client, won an affluent contract, completed a snag free project, won an award, etc.

Of course, sending in a letter is not a guarantee that you will get the pay rise or promotion you covet here right now but it puts you in the forefront of their minds should something suitable arise in the future.

How to Write a Pay Rise or Promotion Request Letter

If this is not something you’re familiar with, it can be very difficult to even know where to start.  So, we are now offering a pay rise or promotion letter service to our customers to take that hassle away from you.  Over the course of time, we have come to realise that some people lack the tact, skill and diplomacy that our writers have when constructing such delicate letters. Hence, this service for just £20!

Buy CV writing services in the UKHow Much Does a Pay Rise or Promotion Request Letter Cost?

Why struggle when for just £20, someone else with the right skills, experience and knowledge can write it for you.

All you need to do is send us the information outlined below and place an order.  Then you can sit back, relax, wait for your letter to arrive and bide your time until the time is right for you to approach your employer about a pay rise or promotion.

Pay Rise Request or Promotion Request Letter Writing Service – £20

What to Put in a Pay Rise or Promotion Request Letter

  • First of all, get your timing right – this is essential!
  • Tell the employer what a valuable asset you are to them as an employee
  • Remind them of how you regularly exceed their expectations and provide evidence of this
  • Tell them how you add value to the organisation and outline why you feel this warrants additional salary
  • Explain what cost savings or efficiencies you have realised for them
  • Point out your achievements during  the last year or since you commenced your current role
  • Note how you have mastered your tasks during the last year or since you commenced your current role
  • Mention any training completed, awards received or other positive things undertaken
  • Justify your reasons for deserving a pay rise or promotion in a persuasive manner
  • Request a meeting to discuss it further, never demand an amount of money because this will cause instant alienation
  • Never threaten to leave if your request isn’t accepted, this is poor practice

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