CV Fonts – What font do I use on a CV?

CV fonts | what font do i use on a CVToday a customer asked a good question and it has inspired me to write put the answer on to a blog post, which you may find useful when writing your CV.


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I just wanted ask you about the type face you have used.  Is this one you have discovered has a positive impact on people viewing CV’s?


Font presentation is a personal issue, some people prefer serif fonts, other sans-serif but Arial is a font we have found to work for our clients as it is easy to read, looks professional and gets results.  Fancy typefaces can detract and we feel a more conservative and clear font gives the best impression, given a CV is a professional document.  We know it works because we get repeat clients asking for CV updates as they progress their career.
Many moons ago, CVs were written in fonts such as Times New Roman but today, fonts such as Arial and Verdana are considered easier to read by many. We would always recommend a professional-looking typeface is used to give the best impression and to ensure the CV scanning software used by some larger organisations can easily read the content of the CV.  Getting a CV rejected because the computer scanning software can’t recognise the font would be a real shame.

What font do I use on a CV?

Our golden rules for fonts and CV presentation are:

  • 10 or 11 font size
  • always black ink
  • limit the use of bold
  • avoid italics (except when quoting names of publications)
  • avoid underlining words
  • use an easy to read font such as Arial or Verdana
Also, we must remember that not all PCs will have every single font loaded on to them.  If you stray from the norm then you don’t know what your CV will end up  looking like when it reaches the recipients computer.
Font size is also important.  Too big and it looks like story book lettering, too small and it becomes very hard work to read.  As such, we prefer to use 10 or 11 point.  On occasions we have used 9.5 point or 12 point if it makes the CV layout appear better but this is very rare.

What does your CV look like, are you following the golden rules? 
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