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Today, many application forms request the applicant complete a personal statement or statement of suitability. It acts as a good barometer to measure each candidate’s writing fluidity, command of the English language and their ability to correlate their skills and experience to those outlined in the personal and professional job descriptions.

With the sheer scope of job positions out there, it would be difficult to select which application form personal statement example to include here so we have composed some top tips to help you construct your own personal statement.

10 Top Tips for Writing a Personal Statement for your Job Application

  1. Outline your reasons for applying for the position and your suitability for it – show passion and enthusiasm and that you meet all essential competences for the role
  2. Convey what skills and experience you can bring to the job and how they meet the requirements of the job and person specifications to benefit the employer
  3. Demonstrate an understanding for the role being advertised and your passion for it
  4. Outline your work history, drawing attention to any particular achievements and/or responsibilities
  5. Give brief examples to reinforce your claims
  6. Highlight relevant qualifications or education, together with any transferable skills and where relevant, how these skills have can be applied to the position you are applying for
  7. Summarise the above, indicating why you would be the best candidate for this opportunity
  8. Give a clear ‘call to action’, such as welcoming an invitation to interview
  9. Keep the text concise and try to avoid starting too many sentences with ‘I’ or ‘My’
  10. Try to write positively and creatively for better flow and to make the text more interesting to read

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