CV Writing Questions | CV Writing Service QuestionsWhat does a Professional CV Writer Do?

Good question but we can only really tell you what our professional CV writers do as not all CV writing companies out there meet our strict CV writing and CV writer criteria. Some other companies claim to be experts but we’ve seen their results. Their CVs are not a patch on ours and are quite often, wrong and out-dated.  It really isn’t worth cutting corners by using some one who claims to be a CV writer but doesn’t really have the experience and expertise to do your CV justice.  So, firstly, always read the company website to get a feel for the company and their knowledge.

Expert Writers

We only use CV writers who are proven experts, with over 5 years’ experience in the field and accustomed to writing CVs for people at all levels and in most careers, with some CV writers specialising in areas such as legal CVs, military to civilian CVs, sales CVs, Medical CVs, executive CVs and IT CVs.

Career Branding Specialists

A professional CV writer takes the information you provide about your career and education and combines that with their extensive knowledge and transforms it in to a CV that best sells you, your experience and achievements to a recruiter.  The CV writer knows exactly what information is needed as standards frequently change, what information needs to be left out and knows just how to give your CV the spin and sparkle that it needs to accurately target your industry and career level.

Highly Experienced

The CV writers’ wealth of experience has taught them how they can best present your career and academic history to a potential employer, selling your key skills, attributes and experience in such a way that the CV is not just about you but about how you and your competence can benefit the employer.  This is what they want to know about, how you can help them and their bottom-line!

Industry Knowledge

Our CV writers are also fully conversant with modern industry expectations, what is expected on a CV and how the CV should be formatted to ensure it is more likely to be read.  Did you know most CVs only get the ’30 second glance’? So, if your CV doesn’t make the right first impression straight away, it is likely to be trashed.  Using the correct layout and format is as essential as the content, the two work hand-in-hand and most home-written CVs are blatantly obvious to most recruiters and often, they stick out like a sore thumb and get overlooked.

How Much Does a CV Cost?

Whilst you might not want to spend out, can you really afford not to get your CV written? Why risk the chance of having your CV binned because it isn’t written or laid out correctly. With prices starting from just £31.99 it really isn’t worth you trying to struggle writing your CV, pass it on to one of our CV writers, you won’t be disappointed.  Check out our testimonials!

Our CV writing prices are on special offer at the moment.

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A student/graduate CV is just £54.99* and £54.99* for a CV and cover letter

A standard CV is just £99.99* and £119.99* for a CV and cover letter.


*prices correct at time of writing but are subject to change as these are special offer prices.