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We know most schools and colleges teach CV writing in some capacity but to be totally honest, many of the schools and colleges teach students to write CVs using such an antiquated style, they just don’t seem to have caught up with the changes that have evolved in writing a CV.  with so many students, graduates and school leavers looking for work at the moment, it is imperative that your CV is right.

How do we know so many student CVs are not hitting the mark? Quite simply, we receive bundles of CV checker requests on a weekly basis and we can see first-hand just how many student CVs fall below expected standards where the CV content and CV layout are completely wrong.

A few examples o the common errors we see are: full references are incorrectly given, personal data is included and information is not reinforced with evidence in terms of facts and figures.  We have even seen student CVs with negative statements on them, that is a big no-no!

Long gone are the days of lengthy paragraphs, company profiles, writing in the first person and including all your personal details.  Everything on your CV must be positive but truthful, conveying what an asset you would be to the organisation and how you could bring value to their company. Today, a student CV should be laid out in a professional, business-like format so it is easy to read and enable a recruiter can easily find the information they are looking for. A student CV must contain all academic achievements and details of any work experience or voluntary experience completed.  It must also be informative and concise but still convey all relevant information, demonstrating their skills, potential, strengths, attributes and achievements – quite a balancing act for someone not familiar with correct CV writing techniques.

Because of the time of year, with so many students having recently left education and looking for work, we want to help get their CV right and make the best impression possible to a potential employer.  So, until the end of the year, we are offering a FULL CV writing service for students, graduates, school leavers and apprentices, the opportunity to get their CV drastically overhauled for a special offer price.

Our Student CV Special Offer Price is just £54.99* and just £64.99* for a CV and cover letter, targeted towards your specific industry.

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* prices correct at time of writing, prices are subject to change