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Linkedin Profile Writers | Linkedin profile writing service | How to write a Linkedin ProfileAs you’ve probably read in the news, Linkedin has recently hit the 100,000,000 mark! An amazing achievement and one YOU need to be involved with so now is the time to use a Linkedin profile writing service to ensure your Linkedin profile is fully updated and optmised.

That’s a whopping one hundred million users all connecting online, advertising their Linkedin profiles to each other, continually making connections and expanding their professional network.  You need to be a part of this valuable social networking platform if you’re serious about finding a new job or boosting your career and personal brand.

How does your Linkedin profile fair to colleagues in your industry?  Take a look at your own Linkedin Profile now… is it really representing you and your experience in the best light? The answer is probably no and would benefit from some input from a Linkedin profile writing service.

Did you know that other companies in your industry, recruiters and head hunters all used Linkedin on a daily basis to search for suitable candidate? They do, so you really can’t afford to miss out on that ideal job opportunity just because you are not presenting an immaculate online business image.

When they find you, it is absolutely essential that your Linkedin profile is not only 100% complete but that it is professionally written to include all your key skills, experience and attributes.

The best way to achieve this is to use a professional Linkedin Profile writing service

Linkedin profile writing service | Linkedin profile writer


Our Linkedin Profile Writing service compose optimised profiles on a daily basis and therefore, know exactly how to best present your skills, experience and attributes and how to use SEO techniques to make your profile more visible in searches.

We have a large number of satisfied customers who have already used our Linkedin profile writing service, here are just two of many testimonials…

“I have been extremely pleased with the job you have done creating and revising my professional profile. The result is exactly what I’ve been hoping for and reads very well. Your complimentary service of transferring this profile into an updated CV is much appreciated and shows your strong customer orientation. Thank you very much and I will certainly recommend you within my network wherever I can.”

JU, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry

 It’s absolutely perfect, thanks so much, I’m really happy with it.” (Linkedin Profile)

CF,  International Marketing Director EMEA

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What Does the Linkedin Profile Writing Service Include:

 * A keyword rich and SEO optimised, impactful headline
 * A compelling, dynamic personal summary
 * Selling your key skills and specialities
 * Three (3) professionally written job position profiles
 * A detailed education section
 * Full listing of your website, if you have one
 * Optimising profile to ‘Expert’ Levels (subject to client information)
 * Listing as many key skills as possible (max 50)
 * Insertion of your personal data and contact information
 * A vanity Linkedin URL  eg: (subject to availability)



What Will a Professionally Written Linkedin Profile Do?

 * Help you to stand out from your competition and create your very own positive, professional and focused online identity
 * Enhance and continually grow your on-line job search profile, whilst significantly broadening your career prospects
 * Increase your profile’s exposure, heighten your credibility and boost your connections
 * Develop additional business and career opportunities by widening your ability to network and gain access to new markets
 * Help find your next job!


What will Our Professional Linkedin Writing Team Do?

 * Project you in the best possible light, portraying a confident, professional persona which will encourage recruiters to contact you
 * Write an insightful, compelling and influential profile that immediately engages the reader and encourages them to read on
 * Sell your key skills and specialities using keyword rich text and specialist industry techniques to a potential employer
 * Demonstrate your qualifications, skills, experience and personal attributes


How Much Will the Professional Linkedin Profile Writing Service Cost?

Secondary School Leavers  – £49.99

Students/Newly Qualified – £65.00

Employed – £99.00

Unemployed 12m+ (proof required) – £49.99

Package prices are available if you would like a CV and LinkedIn Profile

Linkedin profile writing service | Linkedin profile writer


What Information Do I Need to Provide?

 * A copy of your current CV/Resume or a fully completed copy of our CV questionnaire, together with details of any current Linkedin profile you have
 * Comprehensive details about the type of position you are seeking, including any examples of positions you have applied for or are considering to ensure we pitch you correctly
 * Express permission to create or access your Linkedin profile, granting us with temporary password access to enable the changes to be made
 * Any reasonable details, as requested by your Linkedin Writing Consultant


How is My Order Delivered?

You can select either option:

1. We will type up your profile details on a Word Document for you to enter on to Linked in
2. We will ask you to allow us full permission to directly update and alter your profile on line.