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Being vigilant website owners, we admit we are a bit addicted to the clicky analytics software programme that monitors activity on our website. In recent months, we have noticed an increase in the search term ‘cheap CV writing services’.  In reality, we are not keen on that term and prefer to refer to our services as a high quality, yet ‘affordable CV writing service’. You can order your CV here today.

Of course, there are very cheap CV writing services out there, other companies that promise to write you a CV for under £30.  However, in reality and in our experience, most of the under £30 CV services are nothing more than a straight forward re-typing service.  The ‘cheap CV writing services’  advertised by other companies don’t offer you any input in to the wording, construction or format of the CV.  Whilst on the other end of the scale, there are some CV writing companies trying to justify charging up to £750 for a CV; a huge amount of money and that much certainly doesn’t need to be spent!

We like to consider ourselves to be somewhere in the middle, an ‘affordable CV writing service’, offering fantastic customer service and a very high quality of writing and presentation. We know what it’s like when you are looking for a new job and you don’t want to spend too much but you want great quality and fantastic service. That’s the reason why we introduced a tiered CV pricing structure to ensure we could offer everyone an affordable CV writing service, not a cheap CV writing service because that expression just gives the wrong impression.

Whether you opt for a standard or premium CV writing service, you can still expect to receive the same level of writing standard, the same attention to detail.  The only real differences are that the Standard CV Writing Service is reliant on YOU providing all the information and comes with one set of revisions. The Premium CV Writing Service includes a full consultation to ensure every last important detail, fact of figure is included, it also involves your CV Writer researching your companies and industry and you can make unlimited revisions.

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Spend you money wisely to maximise your returns by using an affordable CV writing service such as ours that delivers high quality, great customer service and maintains a 100% customer satisfaction rate!

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