Writing a Personal Profile for your CV

CV Writing Services UK | Linkedin Profile Writing Service | Linkedin Update and Optimisation ServicesWriting your personal profile is probably something you are finding really difficult.  You are not alone as many people really struggle with this aspect of their CV and so many people get it wrong.  Many attempts we see tend to focus on generic points and don’t fully demonstrate the full scope of the candidates competence, many incorrectly use ‘I’ and ‘my’ and even worse, some are written in the third person, which just sounds odd!

In short, the personal profile on your CV is an informative, succinct paragraph that summarises your career, instantly highlighting your key skills, strengths, experience and achievements.  A personal profile is an engaging summary which tells a recruiter just how great a candidate you are and how well your skills and experience suit the position you have applied for.

For many applicants, this is where their CV falls at the first hurdle; don’t let yours fall in to the same trap! If you miss this golden opportunity to shine, the likelihood is, your CV will just be binned, which is not only a complete waste of your time and money but also disheartening when you don’t even get a response.

There is no need to struggle writing a personal profile or career summary for your CV, we can write it for you!

How much does a CV Personal Profile cost?

For just £9.99, an experienced professional CV writer will compose a dynamic and influential profile for you, which will confidently and positively articulate your key skills and abilities.

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