Our Thoughts are with You…

In truth, I cannot believe 10 years have passed already since that fateful day in which so many people lost their lives… where has the time gone?

Yet, for many people, the last 10 years have been the longest and most painful ever without their loved ones by their sides; their husbands, wives, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, friends and relatives… all perished, lost forever, injured or scarred for life by the atrocities they faced.

Much has happened in the world since then and is it really a better place as a result? I’m not going to jump on to my soapbox, don’t worry!

Whilst life goes on, let us all spare a thought today for those who not only lost their precious lives, were injured or scarred for life but for all those wonderful people who risked their own lives to help so many casualties at the scene and also those who were involved in the months following.  Thank you.

A Day We Will Never Forget…

I will never forget hearing about the ‘Twin Towers’, it is one of those moments in history  you will never forget, a moment when you will never forget where you were when you heard.  For me, I was with a friend literally signing on the dotted line in the car dealership when a Salesman came in to the office and told us a plane had hit the World Trade Centre.

Rightly or wrongly, being in my very early twenties at the time, I didn’t really watch the news regularly, I had no interest in finance and was employed, so I wasn’t completely au fait with what the Twin Towers were (*blushes*), nor was I familiar with the sheer numbers of people it housed.  We all assumed it was a light aircraft having veered out of control and the Twin Towers just happened to be in the way.  It never occurred to us that it would be anything sinister.

Sitting in that office, it was hard to compute the scale of destruction that a plane hitting the World Trade Centre was causing thousands of miles away in the USA.  When we got home, we turned on the news.  Complete horror! The world’s worst fears were realised, it was indeed a terror attack using a commercial plane but by this time, it was not just one, it was two towers that had been hit.  I remember we sat there in shock, numb, wondering what the world had come to.

Where were you when you heard and what was your first reaction? 

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