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organ donor | Organ Donation - Register to Donate your OrgansToday, I’m going to ask you to do something truly amazing… to save a life!

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NHS Organ Donation Register

As some of you may know from Twitter, I lost my dear office assistant a few weeks ago and I didn’t want the moment to pass without mentioning how much he’d be sorely missed.

However, despite having composed a great big lengthy blog about his rare illness many people I spoke to about it said they wouldn’t be able to read it, it would be too sad and nobody wants to feel sad on a Friday!

So, I thought I would take this opportunity to turn something sad and negative in to something positive and ask you if you could save a life? I can proudly say yes I could, this is something I passionately believe in.  After all, what good are organs to us after we are dead, it seems sacrilege to let them wither and turn in to maggot food.

“Would you take an organ if you needed one? Nearly everyone would. But only 29% of us have joined the Organ Donor Register”.

Let’s help change this incredibly low statistic and all sign up, TODAY!


A Real Life Story of the Importance of Organ Donation

Earlier this year, I was saddened to read on Facebook that an old friend of mine James was in much need of a Kidney transplant.

Most of us will never even begin to know what it feels like to have our lives hang in the balance, or to be dependant on a donor that might not arrive in time but fortunately, James was able to receive a live organ donation from his lovely wife at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge.  James is definitely one of the lucky ones, there are so many more people out there who don’t and can languish on a Transplant Co-ordinator’s list until it’s too late.

Unlike most, this story (thank heavens) has had a happy ending because for so many families, tragedy strikes and THREE people die EVERY DAY because there are just not enough organs available.

By using the links on this page, the organ register people will know you have signed up using James’ sign up link – please help me, to help him, to help to others by signing up and sharing this post.

Currently, there are over 10,000 people desperately waiting for that life-saving organ to become available.  Transplants are a modern-day miracle that can save the lives of many people and offer sight to up to two more.  Each of us can really make a difference when we are dearly departed ourselves.  People of all ages and ethnicities can be donors so what is stopping you giving the greatest gift of all?… LIFE!

organ donor | Sign up for the NHS Organ Donation Register - Click Here

How many of you are actually signed up to the Donation Register?

Years back, we carried donor cards, they were everywhere.  I still have mine in my purse, albeit somewhat dog-eared and out of date with my maiden name still on it.  I often look for a replacement when I visit my surgery but to date, I have not stumbled across one and I for one, think organ donation should be mandatory. (That’s bound to spark debate). Despite having the battered old card, I have still ensured that I am signed up online, as have the rest of my family.

Today, technology has taken over and registration can be done quickly and simply online and I would urge you and your family to help save the lives of so many people.

If you are already signed up but have moved, did you remember to update your details?

I have literally just logged on to the site to update my details, I have been on the register for years and to be honest, I couldn’t recall if I’d updated my address when I last moved.  So, I logged on and updated – just in case.  However, organ donation is a subject we have discussed openly in my family and we all know that should the worst happen, we all want the opportunity to give the gift of life.

Thank You

If you’ve read this far down the blog post, I’d just like to say thank you for reading this post and I really do hope you will give organ donation some serious consideration.

Please sign up if you can, I’d love to hear if you do or already have in the comments section below.

Sign up for the NHS Organ Donation Register - Click Here

Thank you, Claire  xXx