Is it good customer service, or is it actually bad?

Dilemma… is this good customer service or simply a stealth attempt ‘buy me off?’

good customer service | Anglia Solutions iPad Case

As you probably know, I recently bought an iPad and along with it, a number of essential accessoriess. One of these was a case to protect it. I knew from the outset that I didn’t want the Apple one, not only becausee it’s expensive but it doesn’t seem to offer an awful lot of protection so off I went to Amazon in search of something more resilient.

Of course, there are numerous different cases available but I had just three criteria. Firstly, it needed to protect the iPad because it’s an expensive bit of kit. Secondly, I wanted the case to fit the iPad snuggly and not slip about in a leather cover and thirdly, to allow the iPad to stand up securely to enable on-screen typing.

To cut a long story short, I decided on a Duragadget case because it fulfilled all the criteria, it claimed to have 360 degree rotation and 6 positioning variations, it even looked good online.

On receipt, I popped my iPad in it and the fit was perfect, it looked great but there was one real bad point… It didn’t actually stand up in the case. The three ridges to support the iPad didn’t seem to be deep enough and it slipped out, with a bang! Panic!

Fortunately, it was ok and I tried another of the slots.  Each and every way, it was precarious to say the least, the slightest movement and after a few seconds, the iPad would slip.  By now, I certainly knew I would not be able to use the iPad in a standing position without the fear of it breaking. I even tried to blu-tac it in place but to no avail.

Leaving a product review on Amazon

With this in mind, I decided to put a factual and honest product review on Amazon to highlight this to other prospective purchasers. I didn’t want someone else to buy it and end up breaking or smashing their iPad. Accordingly, my intention was to contact the vendor to organise a return and refund but I didn’t get round to it. The phone probably rang or an email arrived and the moment was lost.

The seller’s response

A couple of days later I received a letter in the post from the vendor. Seemingly, they don’t like negative product reviews as it damages their reputation but how about the fact it didn’t do what it should do and stand up? I did not say anything negative about the vendor at all, in fact I put that it arrived quickly but was not really fit for purpose for the reasons listed above.

Further in the letter they went on to say that if I removed my product review from Amazon and emailed them once I’d done it, they would refund the money I paid as a gesture of good will. Is this good customer service or does it smack of bribery?

Now, here comes my dilemma. To remove the feedback, or not?  My gut instinct tells me no, I have a right to put up a valid opinion, plus the right to a refund.  Is this just good customer service or is this a small business trying to circumvent honest reviews to ensure they can sell the remainder of their stock?

To date, I have not retracted my comments and I’m still in a quandary as to whether or not this is the right thing to do? what do you think?

Please post your comments below, do you think this is good customer service or bad customer service?