10 Top Tips to Optimise your Linkedin Profile

Optimise your Linkedin profile | Linkedin Profile Writing Service | Linkedin Update and Optimisation ServicesEarlier this week, I was contacted by one of my CV writing clients, they asked me how they could elevate their profile on Linkedin.  After popping a few hints down on a message for them to get started, the inspiration came to me that this subject would make a great blog post.  So, here are my 10 invaluable  top tips to optimise your Linkedin profile.

10 Top Tips to Optimise your Linkedin Profile

1.     Complete your Linkedin Profile

It might sound obvious but do take the time to complete your online profile as comprehensively as possible, it is amazing how many people don’t.  If you optimise your Linkedin profile you significantly boost your chances of being found and head hunted.  I feel it is always worth considering getting your CV professionally written and then you’ll be able to transfer this information on to the relevant sections of the Linkedin Profile. After all, if you optimise your Linkedin profile effectively, it will reflect your CV.  It is effectively your online CV.

The content should always be engaging and concisely demonstrate all your key skills, achievements and attributes.  However, it must also be honest and factual, much like a traditional curriculum vitae.

Whilst I don’t advocate telling ‘porkies’, do make sure the job title on your Linkedin profile is not unique to your organisation; opt for something more generic, which people would look for.   You can have the fanciest job title in the world but it is no good if the average headhunter or recruiter can find you.  By the same token, you can always define your role a bit more to make a search more accurate, i.e. rather than just Project Manager, try IT Project Manager or if you are really worried Project Manager (IT).

You should always include you career and educational history, in reverse chronological order.  In the main, we would suggest you place most focus on the past 5-10 years unless you are reverting back to a former career.  Most recruiters don’t have time to read reams of information and will consider your most recent professional experience to be most pertinent.

I always recommend the use of power verbs within impactful statements, which should read as complete sentences.  Where possible, make the information qualitative and/or quantifiable in the job description text to reinforce your work history.  It is also imperative that you use key words to ensure you are easily found by potential recruiters.

So, always sit down and think about what people in your industry would type in a search box to find someone in your profession.  Optimise your Linkedin profile to make sure they are able to find you and not someone else.

The specialties box is an ideal place to list your key skills.  Again, remember to reinforce  the claim with a short sentence about your proficiency.

Your Linkedin profile can be customised in so many ways and you must take advantage of this and optimise your Linkedin profile by using as many features as possible.  For example, I have a feed to my Twitter stream on there, my blog is on there and even what book I am currently reading on my Kindle.  The list of applications is growing: do you have an event to publicise, need to run a poll, share files or post your portfolio?  Check out the ‘Applications’ – the customisation is endless!

Make sure you also set up your contact settings, let people know what you are interested in whether it is career opportunities, consulting offers, expertise requests or simply reconnecting after a long time.

If you are not sure how complete your profile is, check out the percentage score displayed on the top right hand side of the screen on your ‘Edit Profile’ page.

2.     Set the Hyperlinks

You will also notice in the profile there are 3 hyperlink sections for websites and blogs.  These can be great for SEO and so I would recommend you add a link to your website(s), Blog, Portfolio, Project, etc.  If you don’t have three sites to add, try using anchor text.

3.     Get a Vanity URL and Make your Profile Public

I would always suggest you optimise your Linkedin profile by securing a unique vanity URL.  It looks much nicer and neater and most importantly it makes it easier for people to remember when they come to look for you.

Using your name or a connotation of it is always the best idea, try to get as close a match as possible. Not only will this optimise your name in the search engine rankings (and we all know how important that is) but if you are including your Linkedin profile on your CV, business cards, email signatures, etc you want it to be concise and memorable.

How to claim a Linkedin Vanity URL

This bit is not hard and it only takes a few minutes.  So why not do it now whilst it is fresh in your mind?

  • Log in to your current profile
  • Go to ‘Edit My Profile’
  • Find the section called Public Profile and click ‘Edit’
  • On the right-hand side there are two boxes, click ‘Your Public Profile URL’
  • Click ‘Customise your Public Profile URL’
  • Enter your name details and then they will search to ensure it is available
  • Once you have found an available URL, click ‘Set Custom URL’
  • Done!

4.     Make your Linkedin Profile Public

I would also suggest you optimise your Linkedin profile by making your Linkedin profile publicly searchable.  When you click yes (see instructions below) you will then be able to set what information is and isn’t in the publicly searchable domain.  Remember, the more information you have open, the easier it is for the search engines to list you so make sure you provide enough details to be found and enable your links to be cached.  Of course, anything too personal or highly sensitive should be kept private but then you have to think… should that information actually be on the profile if it is not safe to put it out in the public domain?

How to make your Linkedin Profile Public

  • Log in to your current profile
  • Go to ‘Edit My Profile’
  • Find the section called Public Profile and click ‘Edit’
  • On the right-hand side there are two boxes, click ‘Customise your Public Profile’
  • Check ‘Make my public profile visible to everyone ’
  • Customise your settings – what you do and don’t want public
  • Done!

5.     Networking

Network, network, network… that’s what it is all about! It is always worth starting with current and former work friends, colleagues, clients, suppliers, friends and family.  Next, who have you met recently at networking groups, chatted to online, Tweeted with, connected with at exhibitions, events or conferences?  Why not ask them if they would like to connect with you?

Once you start building up a network of connections, it becomes quite interesting who knows who and how many people stand between your and ‘Joe Bloggs.’

6.     Open Networking – LION

Whilst etiquette dictates you shouldn’t randomly invite people you don’t know, there are some people on Linkedin, like myself, who are LIONs – Linkedin Open Networkers.  This means, that I am open to initiations to connect from people I don’t know (yet) in the aim of optimising my networking potential.

Many thousands of people are LIONs and generally state the same on their profiles so it is definitely worth keeping an eye out for and considering for your own profile to maximise your networking potential.  There are also dedicated LION groups but we will go on to groups next.

7.     Join Industry or Interest Related Groups

By clicking the ‘Groups’ link on the header bar you will be transported to the big, friendly world of groups.  This is THE place to find like-mined people who share industry interest and expertise by entering your profession or other key words in to the search box.

Look for groups, which interest you and will be beneficial to your networking.  I would suggest you set out to join at least three groups each time you visit and always take a look at the group suggestions offered by Linkedin itself.

You can also create a group if there is a gap in the market, your particular skill is not listed or you just fancy creating your own group for something specific.

Most people tend to lurk initially but within no time you will be making comments on posts, providing links, imparting advise, etc

8.     Participate in Linkedin Answers

As the title suggests, this is an ideal place for you to engage with people and share industry advice and demonstrate your expertise.  Look for questions you can answer confidently and competently.  Not only will this give you more credibility but it will also spread your expert reputation across many, many networks and contacts.

I also understand this is another bonus for the all important SEO by creating links back to your profile and hopefully, pushing you up the search engine rankings.

9.     Recommendations

No profile is complete without recommendations. Having recommendations, good recommendations on your profile will help to build your credibility and will also engender trust amongst people considering using your services, inviting you for an interview, etc.

10.  Optimise your Linkedin Profile on a Regular Basis

With Linkedin, it is not just a case of setting up a profile and that’s it.  It’s not, you need to optimise your Linkedin profile regularly; it’s a continual process to ensure you will consistently rank for your name, company name and many industry related keywords.

Go over all the points above, have you done everything?

  • Are there more groups you can join?
  • Have you answered any questions this week?
  • How many people have you connected with?
  • Are all your links up to date?
  • Do you have any recommendations to write?
  • Who can you ask for a recommendation?
  • Have you responded to all messages and invites?
  • Are your applications up to date?
  • Are there any new applications to enhance your profile?
  • Is there anything else new that you can exploit to your advantage?
  • The list goes on…


Can I get a Linkedin Profile Professionally Written?

Yes, we can update and optimise your Linkedin profile. This is a service we have been offering since the beginning of 2011 with many satisfied customers.  Whether you are employed or run your own business, we can write you a new profile; one which will allow you to expand your Linkedin network, take control of your professional on-line identity and vastly increase your visibility.

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