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In order to write a CV which is not only professional in content but also in style is not always easy for a candidate but the process of presenting a CV can be made easier by following a standard layout.

It is always advisable for candidates to ensure that their CV is composed to exacting standards and this includes some focus on the layout to maximise their chances of securing an interview.

Nearly every day of the week I see CVs which are in need of a lot of work, not only does their content need much input from a professional CV writer but the way in which they present their information is sometimes just plain awful.  To be honest, I could probably write a series of blog posts on the bloopers alone!

Whilst the composition, style and format of a CV has many facets, today I am going to focus on the headings which should be used in a CV.

Structure within a CV is very important and familiar layouts are always welcomed by HR departments, recruiters and employment agencies.  With so many CVs to review in today’s competitive market, it really is a battle to ensure a CV reaches the top of the pile. So, putting the required information down in the right order is not only invaluable but will probably mean your CV is more likely to be read.

Of course, dependant on the industry, the heading layout can change but in this blog post, I am going to focus on a CV layout for the vast majority of careers.  If you have a specific career you would like me to cover, please email me.

CV Section Headings

In the main, after your name and contact details, the CV headings should be:

  • Personal Profile
  • Objective
  • Key Skills
  • Achievements
  • Professional Memberships
  • Career History
  • Professional Training
  • Education
  • Personal Details
  • References

Students, graduates and school leavers will have a slightly different layout as their CVs tend to be more skills-based but I will cover this next week.  Very soon it will be the end of term when many young people will venture in to the world of work for the very first time!  A scary but very excting time, which can be made easier by ensuring their CV is absolutely spot on.

CV Template Packs

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What is included in a CV Template Pack?

  • A CV template for completion
  • Helpful advice and guidance notes: what to put in a CV and what to leave out
  • Three CV template examples: Chronological CV and/or Functional CV templates
  • A CV structure and layout writing guide
  • The Dos and Don’ts when writing a CV
  • Keyword, attribute and Verb list

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