BoxWave Capacitive Stylus / iPad Pen

Below is my review of this natty little gadget.

boxwave capacitive stylus for iPadDesign and Build Quality – BoxWave Capacitive Stylus

Despite its low cost, I am very pleased with the way in which the Boxwave capacitive stylus is built.  Not only is it robust and easy to hold but it looks fabulous to. It is predominantly metal with a silver pocket clip and a rubber nib.  Whilst it is very lightweight, it is by no means cheap and tacky to hold or look at.

The rubber nib is a bit magic, I don’t know how it works (I’m no techie) but it does, it is really sensitive and is great for writing and drawing in equal measure.  It’s also really tactile, I often find myself inadvertently twiddling with the end, a replacement stress ball! (Remember those?)

The BoxWave Capacitive Stylus is actually comes in an array of colours (silver, red, blue and black) but I chose black. One because it matched the iPad and two, probably because I’m a bit boring!

Built very much like a pen in style but only 11cm long, the BoxWave capacitive stylus is compact yet easily manoeuvrable, with a little more weight to the top end to make it feel more like a pen when you are using it.

I also like the little clip on the end, which means it fits snugly in to the 3.5mm headphone jack on both the iPhone and iPad to ensure security.  The first time you try to clip it in, I will admit, it is a bit tight but don’t worry, it will fit with a bit of a ‘wiggle’ and ‘jiggery-pokery’.  This is just a little extra and gives you two security options whilst out and about, either clip it directly to the device’s jack point or use the other clip in your pocket or on your protective cover.

Ease of Use – BoxWave Capacitive Stylus

I ordered the BoxWave capacitive stylus at the same time I ordered my iPad and the camera attachment gadget and needless to say, the stylus arrived first so I spent the first week using it with my iPhone. I’m impatient, I know but I like gadgets – even if I don’t understand the technology!  Not only did it work with my iPhone but also a friend’s Nokia N8. No problems what so ever, so I would be inclined to think that it will work with most capacitive touch screen gizmos on the market today.

The BoxWave capacitive stylus glides easily across the screen to write or draw and works equally well for typing on the on-screen keyboard.  It is accurate and responsive; it feels really nice in your hand, not strange as I expected it might do, it really is just like holding a pen and does not need any type of pressure to respond.

I have now been using mine for about a month or so and to date, there are no signs of wear or damage to the rubber at all. I think the cat has even had a play and chomp on it a few times when I have left it on the table and it is still 100% as new!

The rubber end is good but I don’t know if it would be even more accurate if it had two capacitive bits, perhaps with a lid that came off, revealing a smaller, pen-nib type capacitive end?

Setting it Up – BoxWave Capacitive Stylus

More good news! There is no fiddly set up or having to sync the two devices.  It is simply a case of taking it out of the packaging and off you go!

Price – BoxWave Capacitive Stylus

For little more than £10 on Amazon, the BoxWave Capacitive Stylus is a brilliant little purchase, if like me; you love gadgets and hate greasy finger mitt prints all over the shiny iPad screen, then this is definitely a must have for your wish list.

Would I Recommend the BoxWave Capacitive Stylus?

Yes, of course.  The BoxWave capacitive stylus is an excellent bit of kit.  Why not order one here; you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

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